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This agreement forms part of the contract between you and TechMySpace Ltd, by placing an order it is understood that the terms have been understood and accepted. This document “TechMySpace Terms and Conditions General”, hereafter referred to as the “Agreement”, is agreed between TechMySpace Ltd, with offices 53 Ogden Rd, Bramhall, Stockport, SK71HL, hereafter referred to as “TechMySpace Ltd”, “TMS”, “us” or “we”, and the person or party identified in the associated Registration Form or Reseller contract. In the case of a company application, this is the person signing on the company’s behalf and who by registering acknowledges having power of representation for that company. This person is hereafter referred to as the “Customer”, “End User” or “you”. Your agreement to these Terms and Conditions General and any dispute arising out of such use of the Website is subject to the laws of England and Wales and is subject to the following terms of use:


1: Terms and Conditions GENERAL.

1.1 Public Liability Policy All TMS’s work is covered by a 1 million UK Pounds.

1.2 Guarantees only apply to products and services while installed in their original location.

1.3 Jobs are photographed for QA records, they may also be published, inc. the internet unless stated in writing.

1.4 Identifiable Features, where viable we may remove these i.e., location, faces, registrations etc.


2.1 Deposits are payable on future work over £250 to conform of the order.

2.2 Jobs over £1000 require staged payments. 50% to confirm order, 30% once installed, 20% once commissioned.

2.3 Cheques are accepted but due to banking charges are subject to a £5 supplement each, BACs is free.

2.4 The Deposit must clear before the hardware is supplied; delays thus caused are not within TMS’s control.

2.5 All hardware and software remain the property of TMS until paid in full, including any additional work undertaken.

2.6 Payment Terms for Residencial are on completion. After 5 days we reserve the right to add any recovery costs including interest at 5% per week.

2.7 Payment terms for Business are 30 days. After 40 days we reserve the right to add any recovery costs to the invoice including interest at 10% per month.


3.1 Deposits will be returned up to a week before the installation date, less the amount of hardware/software purchased and time that has been spent on the project.

3.2 Due to design of bespoke systems the cost of design is often high and the hardware non-returnable.

3.3 If the amount spent between conformation and cancellation is more than deposit then TMS reserves the right to invoice the difference.

3.4 Appointments cancelled less than 48 hours before due, maybe considered a missed appointment.


4.1 Maybe charged at the standard callout (£50) and hourly rate (£50/person) unless quoted differently.

4.2 In special circumstances this charge maybe reduced or waved if the job is completed on the second visit.


5.1 All systems are installed within the current guidance, TMS takes no responsibility if this changes.

5.2 TMS takes no responsibility for changes made after installation, for example but not exclusively:  Moving, re-aiming cameras, lighting changes, plant growth, dirt or damage, physical damage etc.

5.3 CCTV relies on many different technologies which are not within the control of TMS. Including but not exclusively:  Power, Hardware, Software, Data Storage, Broad Band, Lighting, and software including smart phones and their applications.

5.4 It is always assumed the customer has unlimited communication (both phone and BB) unless informed in writing.

5.5 CCTV is a passive deterrent and TMS is not responsible if an incident occurs and whether it is captured.

5.6 CCTV is used for many reasons, Privacy is often impacted, and no system is totally impenetrable, the customer must understand the implications.

PLEASE READ: Password, Communication & Software.


6.1 Systems are designed on the information given by the customer or as understood during the quotation.

6.2 If the customer changes the specified design, it is likely the quote will also change.


7.1 Repairs can only be undertaken in the present, although likely issues will be highlighted, future & intermittent problems cannot always be foreseen.

7.2 Broadband speeds can often be increased but are subject to many external factors and can fluctuate.

7.3 Mobile Top Ups are required for certain systems, these are paid for directly by the customer both at the time of installation and in the future.

7.4 TMS can advise on the current cost, but the total charges will depend on the customers use and any changes to the tariff by the service provider.

7.5 Changes or replacement of network components can affect other systems, corrections maybe be chargeable.

READ: Passwords, Software.


8.1 Some systems allow remote monitoring/modification, which is cheaper than site visits, if it is not required, the customer must notify TMS in writing and change the passwords immediately after a site visit.

8.2 Phone Apps are usually free but often require the customer to have an active account.

8.3 Once the installation is complete, TMS’s has no control over the customer’s hardware or software.

8.4 We will endeavour to ensure the software irrespective of changes functions correctly during the first 3 months.

8.5 After 3 months, advice will be given but site visits maybe chargeable.


9.1 Alarms are only ever a deterrent and TMS cannot be responsible if a break-in occurs, however caused.

9.2 Whilst every effort is made to ensure the alarm will be activated during a break-in, this can never be guaranteed and as such, no losses thus caused can be insured or claimed from TMS.

9.3 The implications of security are rarely understood, please ask if you are unsure.

9.4 Some Alarms use remote communication, this maybe a chargeable annually subscription. If this is a feature of your system, the costs will be explained, and the current price stated usually on the invoice.

PLEASE READ: Passwords, Communications


10.1 Aesthetic projects are often very objective, TMS takes very effort to understand and implement the customers’ requirements. It is often not until the system is installed that a full visualisation can be made to the customer.

10.2 In the unlikely event that changes are required, TMS reserves the right to invoice for any addition work required.


Are used for many reasons and often impact safety and security, the customer must understand them.

READ: Passwords, Communications and Software.


All customers are advised to change passwords and PINs after the installation is complete.

12.1 If the customer is unable to change the passwords/PINs, then TMS can undertake this process, but no copy will be stored, as such TMS takes no responsibility for recalling them.

12.2 If a PIN is required to undertake any work, it is recommended that temporary PIN is created, and the system is reverted to the original on completion.

12.3 Quotes are based on all passwords, PINs, usernames etc. being available.


Unless otherwise stated, it is assumed the following facilities will be available: –

Access is required both inside and outside whilst work is in progress, unless stated otherwise.

Water for washing and drinking.

Toilet is available free of charge within reasonable distance from the point of work.

Power mains (240VAC) or 120VAC if onsite.

Lighting is adequate to allow safe access.

Ground is safe and stable. If scaffolding is present, it has a current certificate.

Parking is available free of charge within reasonable distance from the point of work.

Safety site introductions will be charged at the standard hourly rate.

Permit required to drill, work at height or heat etc. must be disclosed during the quotation phase.

If these requirements are not available or have not been disclosed in writing during the quotation phase, TMS reserves the right to invoice for additional costs.


14.1 TMS Cannot be held responsible for system failures however caused or consequential implications.

14.2 Where decorating is disturbed the cost of redecorating is not included unless expressly stated in quotation.

14.3 Installations to be tested weekly and TMS notified of any issues. Details will be given during the Demo.

14.4 Repairs to any existing faults found are not included in this quote.

14.5 If faults require fixing to achieve the original job, TMS reserves the right to fix and invoice this work.

14.6 Where possible addition faults/issues will be discussed, along with the options and their affects.

14.7 All hardware supplied and fitted by TMS is guaranteed for 12 months, excluding customer supplied equipment.

14.8 Physical or user damage is not guaranteed inc Software changes, updates and user forced reset.


If you have any questions about any of our services, please feel free to contact us. We install, repair and maintain, CCTV, Security Alarms, phones, Wi-Fi, and many other home or office technologies. Email is great for technical information and requirements. A phone call often works best to convey general information and ask questions. You can also send us a message by using the form below or why not WhatsApp us a picture.


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