TechMySpace provides a wide range of technology related services to the homeowner, business owner and trade contractors, meaning you have a one-stop-shop for any technology related service or issue you face.

Whether you are looking for a quick fix for your phone line or a major overhaul of you business security, we have the power to make it happen. Our trained technicians are experts in all aspects of the work undertaken, Communications, Security, AV, Efficiency and much much more.

  • Communications: Phone, Broadband, PBX, ISDN, Broadband Boost, WiFi, Networks, computer network cabling (CAt5/6).
  • Security: Alarms, CCTV, Gate Access, Remote Viewing, Warning.
  • Audio Visual (AV): Aerials, Extra feeds, Coax, HDMI Distribution, Wall mount TV, Advice, Smart TVs, low level electronics.
  • Efficiency: LED lighting, home automation.


Take a look at the items below for a full description of the work we undertake. It’s a confusing and technology filled world out there, but services our will help you through the issues and deliver a cost effective solution that you’ll be more than happy with.

Just click on one of the pictures below and you’ll be taken to a page related to that section, Communication, Security, Audio Visual or Efficiency. Alternatively Click on the Customers tab on the right, and we will highlight some of the jobs we undertake for some of our clients, Residential, Commercial or direct to the Trade.

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