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Our expert team doesn’t merely lay cables; we create conduits of possibility. Whether it’s your residence, workplace, or commercial hub, our structured cabling solutions ensure your technology speaks harmoniously. From empowering networks to intelligent AV integration, Tech My Spaces creates spaces into hubs of connectivity excellence all over South Manchester and East Cheshire.

Cable Installations

TMS Engineers have a deep understanding of all common data and Communication Cables. This puts us in a great place to Install, repair, upgrade or remove excess cables.

Cable Repairs

We specialise in Repairing and Testing low voltage signal cables used in Domestic, Commercial, and Industrial environments and properties.

Cable Removal

At TMS we have a great understanding of all common data and signal cabling. This allows us to undertake cable removal. Many companies will install their new equipment with additional cables, but few will test and remove old, unused, or unknown cables.

Cable Subcontracting

We are often called to help or Subcontract to the following people and trades with Repairs, Maintenance, and Installations: Architects, Builders, Decorators, Domestic Homeowners, Carpet fitters, Designers, Developers Electricians, Heating engineers,Landlords, Plumbers, Window fitters.



If you have any questions about any of our services, including CCTV installations, CCTV systems, security cameras, phones, WiFi, lighting or anything else in home or office technology please feel free to contact us. Email is good for technical information and a phone call works best to convey general information and requirements. You can also send us a message by using the form below.


07815 133771


What we need to know...
It would be great if you could provide the category of your project, e.g. CCTV, Alarm etc., an idea of budget, location and timescales required.
What we need to know...
It would be great if you could provide the subject of your problem, e.g. phone, network, make and model, location and timescales required.
What we need to know...
Contact us to discuss the ongoing and future maintenance of your systems and technology. Please include full details of systems if known.

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