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Welcome to Tech My Space’s AV Page – Where Cutting-Edge AV Becomes Your Reality!

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of audiovisual wonders that redefine how you experience entertainment. At Tech My Spaces, we don’t just deal in technology; we create dynamic audiovisual environments that elevate your space to the pinnacle of sensory delight.


Our expert team goes beyond the ordinary. We’re here to transform your space into a haven of audiovisual excellence. From immersive Atmos speakers that envelop you in sound to wall-mounted TVs that merge seamlessly with your decor, Tech My Spaces is your partner in creating experiences that delight all your senses.


These range greatly from simple multi-zone background music to multiple full surround sound systems. The quality of the system is largely price/budget driven, the bigger the budget the better the sound will be. There are many types of Audio Systems, and these can overlap with Video Systems. They usually however fall into categories defined by their primary propose but there are often additional benefits if the same system can be used for a multitude of auxiliary functions.

Visual Projects

AT TMS we undertake a wide range of AV project, from basic one room Sound Systems to High Quality HD Video theatres for hundreds of people. To do this we use a many different and bespoke solutions that meet and often exceed the given brief and budget, in many different environments.

Visual Installations

TMS can help in many ways; the most common request is for simple installation or Wall mounting TVs. On bigger jobs we can work from building plans and Design, Select Equipment, Supply, and Install with a Test and Demo. The Design is tailored to the systems requirements and budget.

Visual Display Units

There are many types of display devices, and they all have their own unique qualities. Here at TMS we specialise mainly in Video displays, namely TV’s, Monitors, Projectors, and their connections. There are many new and ever-changing technologies, resolutions, and features.


Streaming AV systems benefits?2024-04-15T11:51:44+00:00

Streaming AV systems let you access and play content from the internet, like movies, TV shows, and music, directly on your TV or other devices. This eliminates the need for physical media and offers a wide range of entertainment options at your fingertips.

What are Wireless speakers?2024-04-15T11:51:23+00:00

Wireless speakers use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect to your devices, allowing you to play music from your phone, tablet, or computer without needing to plug in any cables.

What is Multiroom audio?2024-04-15T11:50:52+00:00

Multiroom audio systems let you play music in different rooms of your home simultaneously. With wireless speakers and smart technology, you can control what plays where from your phone or other devices.

What is a HDMI splitter?2024-04-15T11:50:34+00:00

HDMI splitters are devices that allow you to connect multiple HDMI sources, like gaming consoles and streaming devices, to a single HDMI input on your TV. They’re handy when you have limited HDMI ports on your TV.

What is an AV receiver (AVR)?2024-04-15T11:49:52+00:00

An AV receiver, or AVR, is the heart of your audiovisual system. It’s the device that connects your speakers, TV, and other components, amplifies the sound, and processes the audio and video signals.

what is Surround sound?2024-04-15T11:49:25+00:00

Surround sound is a setup where speakers are positioned around a room to create a 3D audio experience. It makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the action, whether you’re watching a movie or playing a game.

What is TV mounting?2024-04-15T11:48:39+00:00

TV mounting refers to the process of installing a television on a wall. It’s a popular way to save space and create a sleek and organized look in your living space. Professional installers can securely attach your TV to the wall and hide cables for a clean appearance.

What are Atmos speakers?2024-04-15T11:48:07+00:00

Atmos speakers are a type of audio technology that adds height to your sound, making it feel like the audio is coming from above you as well as around you. They’re used to create a more three-dimensional and realistic sound experience in home theatres and other AV setups.

What are AV systems?2024-04-15T11:47:46+00:00

AV systems, short for audiovisual systems, are setups that combine audio and visual elements to create a more immersive entertainment experience. These systems can include things like surround sound, high-quality screens, and advanced equipment.


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