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There are many different types of Burglar Alarms and Security systems for Home, Retail, Office, and Commercial Properties. Depending on what and why protection is required. TMS has the expertise to keep you and your property safe and protected. The most common Alarm Systems are Intruder alarms AKA burglar Alarms, which can include Life Alarms like Smoke Alarms, Fire Alarms and SOS Alarms. There are also Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Heat Alarms, Flood Alarms aka Water Alarms. We can supply a wide range of protection equipment from basic to systems that can notify you remotely with visual Property Watch conformation.

Securing the property is important but a good alarm should also secure the most import and valuable assets in it, people. This could range from family, staff, and could include the venerable, young people and the elderly.

The good news is, with careful design, all these alarm types can all be combined into a single professionally installed controller. This can increase their function while reducing the overall parts and installation cost. Our standard home security system can combine all, or any mix of these features and is expandable to cover offices and commercial properties and their staff.

Intruder / Burglar Alarms

There are two main types of Alarms, Wired and Wireless. TMS will ask a few questions to help select the most appropriate system for your requirements.

Firm Alarms

Tripped by a fire or smouldering –

Carbon Monoxide Alarm/ CO – Tripped if CO levels increase.

Smoke Alarm – Tripped by smoke caused by a fire, (quicker than Heat).

Heat Alarm – Tripped when the temperature rises (Less false Alarm than Smoke).

Flood Alarms

Tripped by Water ingress.

Personal Safety Alarms

These system help keep people safe.

Personal Attack (PA) – Tripped by remote fob, Panic Button, or secret code.

Medical – Tripped by remote mobile pendent, remote or Keypad.

Kids Home – Notification sent when the Alarm is set/unset by select people.

Manual Alarms – Remote, pendant, Fixed Button.

No Activity Alarms – No motion detected for a set period while alarm is unset.


Wired or Wireless Alarm?2024-02-11T11:51:29+00:00

A new wired alarm can run for many years without any maintenance, but we would recommend it’s serviced at least every 3 to 5 years. A wired alarm is best installed in a new build or during renovation. A Wireless Alarm is quick and neat to install in a furnished property but will require the batteries to be replaces every 2 to 3 years.

Do alarms require contracts?2024-02-11T11:50:34+00:00

At TMS we do not up sell annual contracts or enforce fixed lock in or maintenance periods. We simply check the system when requested and our smart alarms can notify us if there are any problems. If your questioning “security system contract vs. no contract systems”, we believe purchasing and owning the system, without a contract makes financial sense.

How can I stop false alarms from bugging me?2024-02-11T11:49:42+00:00

To avoid false alarms, we make sure the sensors are set up properly and teach everyone how to use the system. If you want to reduce false alarms on an office or home security system that already been installed, call us, we have the expertise to advise about stuff that might accidentally trigger it or replace and upgrade faulty parts.

Will my alarm system keep working during a power outage?2024-02-11T11:32:45+00:00

All TMS Alarm and security system have power outage backup systems, usually a backup battery that kick in if the power goes out. So even if the lights go off, your security won’t.

Oops, what if I accidentally set off my own alarm?2024-02-11T11:31:43+00:00

No biggie! It happens. All our systems can have a quick way to stop false alarm on home security system alarm quickly. You might need a code or button to hush the noise.

Can I control my alarm system with my phone?2024-02-11T11:30:44+00:00

Absolutely! All our new alarm systems can be armed or disarmed remotely using their own smartphone apps. These apps can also control other features like gates, and intercoms, they can also ping you if something happens, especially useful if you have CCTV on the same app.

Can alarm systems handle pets without going crazy?2024-02-11T11:29:45+00:00

Sure thing! TSM can design and install pet-friendly home security systems, so they won’t mistake your furry pals for intruders. These sensors (PIRs) know the difference between pets and people.

How much does a security alarm system cost?2024-02-11T11:27:29+00:00

The average cost of home alarm or office system depends on many aspects like size, functions, wireless or wired, app control etc. With TMS you pay for the equipment and installation, then you then have the option to have the system tested either annually or as required. As you fully own the complete system with all its documentation, you can choose who and when any testing or servicing is done.

Are alarm systems worth the investment?2024-02-11T11:26:10+00:00

Totally! The main benefits of home security system fitted by TMS is it can protect your home from break-ins, fires, floods, and other troubles. It’s like having your own personal security team, without the ongoing costs.

Can I install a home alarm system by myself?2024-02-11T11:16:43+00:00

Although there are DIY home alarm installation alarm kits, they are usually basic, with few functions, limited coverage and almost always look like a DIY installation. A well installed Alarm will reduce the likely hood of a burglary and should the worst happen, it will activate. TMS have “repaired” old DIY alarms that could never have responded correctly. Common search terms: “DIY home alarm installation guide.”

How do Alarm systems work and what are they?2024-02-11T11:48:04+00:00

An alarm system is like a high-tech guardian for your home. It has special sensors that can detect when doors or windows open, or if there’s movement inside. If something fishy is going on, it can either make a loud noise or send you a notification, just like a watchful buddy.


If you have any questions about any of our services, including CCTV installations, CCTV systems, security cameras, phones, WiFi, lighting or anything else in home or office technology please feel free to contact us. Email is good for technical information and a phone call works best to convey general information and requirements. You can also send us a message by using the form below.


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