Alarm, Network, Phone, AV (FM, DAB, Freeview, FreeSat & HD Sky).


AV Installation

(inc Freesat HD, Sky HD, TV, DAB, FM, Phone, Network and 5.1 Surround Sound) – The customer wanted a flexible AV and communication system wiring into a new barn conversion. Given the urgency with the deadline of the plaster coming within a matter of 1 working day, TechMySpace was happy to assist in the design. The very next day we were onsite and later that Saturday the cabling began. The Barn was to be as flexible and future proof as the budget would allow, the final design allowed Phone, Network, Sky/FreeSat, Terrestrial TV, DAB and FM to be accessed from all three bedrooms and many of the other rooms.

This installation was completed long before the property was inhabited, so no final pictures were possible.

External Mount

The customer’s expectations, as is often the case, where greater than the budget would allow. After discussing the options, costs and benefits, HD distribution over HDMI was ruled out in favour of a HD FM Modulator. This meant the budget could be reallocated to items that would increase the ‘added value’ of the property in terms of both its potential rental and resale value. The option of CCTV was not required due the location and position within the grounds of another property.

As the property had a large footprint, standard 4K HDMI cables would not work. Also, there were multiple Sources for each TV, so a configurable Many-to-Many long distance 4K connection was required. The solution was to use an 8*10 Matrix mounted in a Coms Rack in the loft, next to the CCTV NVR. This saved space in the Utility area and gave the shortest balanced cable runs to all the Display units.


The customer was not a ‘technical guru’ and was unsure what equipment should be installed. TechMySpace was able to advise on what was expected in a new property around its location. The owner had little intention of using a lot of technology, but they didn’t want any potential renters modifying to the property, just to allow technology to be added later. The solution used had a high ratio of ‘added value’ to cost, maximising the return on their outlay. This covered: Sky/Freeview HD, DAB and FM Radio, HDMI Connections (DB and Game Console)


The layout configuration of the lounge area had not been fully designed at the ‘first fit’ stage, this meant the speaker positions could not be optimised for the combined lounge and dining room. The solution was an AV installation that setup the room up with 6 high level pre-wired speaker positions, 3 on each side. This would allow flexibility once the preferred seating positions were finalised.


Having HD distributed around the house via HDMI was considered but rejected due the cost, the alternative HD FM Modulator was installed instead. This allowed the main Box in the AV room to return its current viewing channel in HD, back to the terrestrial amplifier and then to each of the TV points. This solution added little cost to the overall design, yet it would allow the Sky, FreeSat or Freeview to be watched on any TV without the cost of any additional equipment or messy installation.

FreeSat or SkyHD

The same satellite dish can be used for either SkyHD or FreeSat HD transmissions, the option is selected simply by the customer choice in receiver. Pre-Wired for 8 Port LNB, Shotgun cable to each of the 3 bedrooms and Lounge, Sky in each room, Pole Mounted Dish to minimise the visual impact and maximise the signal strength. The Dish was ready if SkyQ was required, the network was ready for Sky Glass or mini-Boxes.


The AV installation needed to unobtrusively allow good sound and flexibility. The installation of 6 high level speaker points, which were painted in the wall colour, provided low-cost futureproofing without power or audio cable being seen along the solid stone floors, walls and ceilings. This design maximised the flexibility and minimised


A single point of entry for up to 4 phone lines, with the ability to provide any line to any socket point. This allowed for multiple home workers all to have multiple lines in different rooms, without addition internal or external phone cabling. This gave the required flexibility if the property was rented to multiple home workers.


The requirements for the communications room were simply phone and network communications. This included, 4 High Speed Network Ports (TV, DB, AV Amplifier, Games Console).

FreeView, Freesat, Sky, DAB and FM

Good reception in Lounge, Office, Kitchen and 3 Bedrooms.


We recommended at least one CAT5e port in every occupied room, linked to a central comms unit ready to house a Gigabit Smart PoE switch and the router. This would allow multiple APs to be added as required in any room, potentially giving 3 Gigabit ports inc 1 PoE passthrough per room.


The customer wanted a simple Low-Cost Hardwired Intruder Alarm system. This requirement allowed all the cable to be connected and proven while reducing their expenditure during the on-going property development. Additional cables were installed ready to allow the system to be upgraded or expanded without using visible (surface run) cabling or extensive redecoration.


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