This Larger project was for a new build and a customer with very specific requirements. The budget was large but tightly controlled without wastage or excess expenditure. The customer did not initially accept all our recommendation but agreed the futureproofing. This allowed easy expansion as the problems of not having them, would have become painfully evident as addition equipment was added.

Having one company do all the ‘low voltage’ cables meant that the structured cabling could be managed and run logically. Cable runs were combined while separating cables prone to interference by maximising the distance from Power Cables.



  Brief given was for very high quality (Hi-Fi) sound with minimal visual impact in all Rooms. Atmos in the main viewing room, Surround for the other 4 big screens, Stereo sound on both the front and rear Patios. They also wanted Good Stereo Sound in all other areas inc upstairs bathrooms and an External Wall Mounted TV and the ability to play the Any Source in any combination of areas simultaneously, with App Control for volume in area. The sources must include Live TV, Sky, DVD and Music from Mobiles, streamed or from their record player. There was also a requirement that there were no ‘loose’ or floor standing speakers to be used on the ground floor. This meant the Sub Woofers would have to be Ceiling mounted between the existing narrow and shallow joists.

This Brief required the use of multiple Ceiling speakers, both Passive and Active Sound bars, Active and Passive Sub Woofers, an Amp and multiple AVRs, some with Dual Zones. The Ground Floor Subs all needed to maximise the limited space and due to living space above, they were legally required to be Fireproof. As no off the shelf items could match the customers, building and legal restriction the only option was bespoke in-house manufacture. TMS had the acoustic knowledge to design and make 3 suitable enclosers and the testing proved the theory. Twin drivers in the high vaulted ceiling have never been close to the max or near distortion, even during extreme and very thorough testing.


  As most of the existing TVs were already 4K UHD, the brief stated that all these TV must be fed with a full 4K Signal. There were multiple TV within sight of each other and these TVs must be watchable at the same time, so no lags, tearing or delays in sound or picture would be acceptable.

As the property had a large footprint, standard 4K HDMI cables would not work. Also, there were multiple Sources for each TV, so a configurable Many-to-Many long distance 4K connection was required. The solution was to use an 8*10 Matrix mounted in a Coms Rack in the loft, next to the CCTV NVR. This saved space in the Utility area and gave the shortest balanced cable runs to all the Display units.


(TV, SKY, Network CCTV, Wi-Fi, 2.1 Surround Sound) The brief required a sperate building to be network enabled to allow the Wi-Fi, Smart TV, a few PC’s, Sky Q, and a dedicated games console to work. Unfortunately, the power and all underground feed had already been buried, including under the patio and cobbled drive. This meant digging a new channel for SWA CAT6 was not an option, and an external Wi-Fi repeater was deemed too unsightly.

The less preferred option of using High Speed Powerline adapter was investigated. The Sites Electrician was consulted about a special connection method, after their many checks, it was verified that, although unusual, it conformed to all the necessary Electrical Specification. The changes were implemented and end-to end testing began on the ‘virtual’ network cable. Initial speed tests were good, but it was the long-term stability that was more important, so the test was left running for a few weeks, while the build continued.

The connection was so stable, it gave the option to add an IP Camera (IPC) linked back to the existing CCTV in the loft of the main house. This system has proved very stable and reconnects after power cuts. The only time it has dropped has been during Local Lightning Strikes, fortunately these are rare and only require powering down and they reconnect. This solution saved Thousand in digging a new trench though the cobbles and the damage that it would have caused.

The customer’s existing Sonos Surround System was repurposed in this location. The remote and isolated installation had no need to integrate with the Whole House AV matrix system. As gym could double as a self-contained guest flat, it was advantageous that guests could never control of the main AV system.

Bathroom TV

(Waterproof 1080p) – Flush Wall mounting the TV was straight forward but its maximum resolution of 1080p would have caused issues to the whole AV System. Simply adding a HD to UHD Matrix would have made Downscaled all the signals to the lowest-common-denominator, thus reducing the whole system 1080p. As this was known before the installation began, a Downscaler module was fitted and configured to receive 4K and output 1080p, allowing all the matrix outputs to remain UHD, and the TV to receive it maximum stated resolution. The Waterproof Ceiling speakers were then connected to the AVR, and an HDMI run to the TV allowing CEC control of the AVR’s volume and power. The use of a simple AVR also allowed the unit to stream Multiroom Audio, for large parties.


The first we knew about this addition was when we were told about its delivery time. TMS was able to visit site the following day, Wall mount it and connect it to the Matrix. Once the set up was complete, its streaming features worked from the new managed Wi-Fi and the Matrix could provide full 4K UHD video. The Sound bar was late arriving and fitted a few days later.


Installed 35 RJ45 Sockets with CAT6 Cable and additional Sockets to give some Future Proofing. These quickly proved their value as new additional and previously unspecified systems could be freely added in positions as required without reworking or decorating. A 48 Gigabit and 8 Port PoE Switches gave the required capacity to preconnected all the Network Sockets and Power the Access system and the managed Wi-Fi Access Points (APs).


The existing Wi-Fi was upgraded with the installation of a new dedicated router. This design was the final stage and a substantial improvement of the ad-hock standard equipment and solved many issues with the previous system.


   The customer mainly used their Mobiles and VOIP system Via Wi-Fi, so the main purpose of the phone was to provide ADSL BB Internet. A few phone extensions were installed to futureproof the installation. Due to the properties remote location the only Service Providers (SP) options all used OpenReach’s (OR) copper network. 4G was not an option due to poor signal strength and interference. The option of Starlink was dismissed purely on cost.


  Brief was simply a Good Secure, Flexible and Stylish system with remote communication. Possible systems were selected, and the various Remote Keypad (RKP) shown to the customer. The clear winner was the Texecom Premier Elite in brushed satin finish, which matched other proposed furnishings. Although it was not the cheapest solution, everyone agreed it was the most stylish and more than capable surpassing their other requirements. The design brief for the Alarm changed over time and required new features, due to the systems extended features, these only required simple software changes.

The customer requirement meant that all the PIRs were disassembled, and spray paints mixed to match the individual room colours.

Once assembled and installed, the end result produced sensors that were almost invisible.


   Once again colour and finish were the order of the day, likely our favoured supplier produced a camera range in a very similar colour to customer’s property’s, external finish. The main installation was the normal new build, 2-Stage install. First fit to install the cables and the second fit to terminate the cables, fit the cameras and test.


The existing gates had their own Access control System, but this was soon found to be too limited due to it being Audio only and Range limited within the property. TMS was asked if it could be upgraded. As we had already installed a spare Underground CAT6 to the remote external Gate Control Unit, while fitting the CCTV. So, it was relatively simple to connect an IP Video Door Station all the way back to main Data Coms Rack (Communication Rack) PoE Switch.

The challenge was how to connect the existing Gate Controller to new Access Controller. Again, no commercial interface could be found that isolated the two controllers electronically yet passed the trigger signal to the correct gate, so one was designed, made tested and installed.


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